1. Comix Jam LA @ Church of fun

  2. Comix Jam LA @ Church of fun


  3. Gas money for prints

    No pressure as I know there are more important things to put money toward but I have started a prints for gas money kinda thing
    I’m going to be covering a lot of miles in the next few weeks in a van on my own and didn’t really prepare enough funds
    So if anybody would like a print made for them of (pretty much) any of my photos on hitchedaridewiththewind.tumblr.com
    Or the future photos i will get to take on this trip because of the generosity my Paypal account is: aleisha_zo@hotmail.com

    I will make/send out prints when I am back in Australia next month

    I love you all so much x


  5. Anonymous said: Owww ok my original q: Im hoping to make it to usa in the next few months, I have a friend living in NY I'll def visit but other than that I'm not really keen on planning etc. I wanna make it to the west coast too. Got any tips? Howd u do it, 4 how long? Ive kinda resigned to the fact that ill need to take all the $ il need with me as (its my idea that) work visas are real hard to get.. Basically i just wanna know what you planned and what you didn't. Plans n itineraries freak me out haha XXXXLU

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this! are you going solo? The first time i came here i travelled with a good friend very like-minded who was happy to go along with my vision, so i planned the map out of all the must see spots and had a look around online for car yards other then that we mostly went out on a whim bought the van and spent as much time as felt needed in each place we travelled through. Having enough money to get you by and what you want out of your trip is what you might want to think about but other then that it’s so much more fun not planning! I strongly suggest couchsurfing! i’m over here in the states by myself atm and not having any idea where i could be staying tomorrow or the next day, is what keeps the excitement in me. Right now i’ve found myself in an open attic of a discreet arts community in Los Angeles, i’ve become so inspired by everyone here and it’s just an opportunity you would never have when paying for a hotel etc..

    Maybe if you have the money try hire a car for your west coast journey and then you have the back up of a car to sleep in :)

    hope that helps, i’m feeling a little scattered this morning xxxxxxxx lots of love to you

  6. Sunken City, San Pedro

  7. Watts Towers by Sam Rodia

  8. The last bookstore, Downtown LA


    artist commune


    artist commune


    artist commune


  13. valhall-a said: love your blog so much :)



  14. Anonymous said: Hey did you get my other question? About going to america? Just checking if you didn't can I send it again? :)

    I didn’t, of course


  15. Anonymous said: OMG AND whose house is that in what looks like Malibu(?)???? Did you rent it or stay with someone? I don't think i can sit still any longer! What a beautiful inspiring page.. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU XXXXX

    i love you!! 

    The photos of the A-frame house on the beach? That was in Malibu, A friend of mine and Alice’s was nice enough to have us stay, it is his family holiday house. Quite the lovely wind down to the last nights of our trip :) xxxxxxxx